How to Buy

How to Buy Voyage Bay


With Voyage Bay, you can now easily book your holidays!! Purchasing a coupon is extremely easy. Follow the steps that follow and ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!!

• In order to Login and purchase the package you wish , click on “LOGIN” (top right of the page). Fill in the “Username” and “Password” fields and click on “Login”.

• If you don’t own an account on Voyage Bay, you can easily sign up by clicking on “Register”.

• Once clicking on “Register” you will have to fill out the form provided. Fields with * are required. When finished, click on the “Register” button.

• You are now automatically logged in to your own personal account and you can purchase a coupon.

Select the type of the offer you wish to by clicking on one of the following categories:

- Choose Country: Select a country from the menu. A list of the areas will appear, so that you can easily find the holiday destination of your choice.

- Vacation packages: This category includes vacation packages on extremely low rates.

- Sports & recreation: This category includes sports and other leisure activities packages.

• Alternatively, if you already know the name of the business you want to purchase a coupon from, you can type it on the search bar and click on “Go”.

• Each business connected to Voyage Bay posses its own personal page. Thus, you are able to choose the offer you wish. If a business has more than one packages, click on a package so that you can see all the options in full detail.

• When you have decided upon the package you wish to purchase, select a date and click on “Buy now”.

• You will be automatically redirected to the “Payment info” page. In this field, you are required to fill out the form provided, in order to complete your purchase.

- Choose option: Select the package you wish to purchase.

- Choose date: Select the date you wish to validate your coupon.

Always bear in mind that if the available dated don’t suit you, you can always get in touch with the business owner and ask for different dates.

- Amount: Select from the menu the number of coupons you wish to purchase.

Voyage Bay enables you to buy more than one coupons and prolong your stay. The number of maximum coupons you can buy each time is mentioned in the “What to know” category on the business’ personal page.

- Price: the field will be automatically filled, once you have chosen the package and the number of coupons.

- Payment Method: Choose from the menu the method in which you wish to pay (1. Bank Transfer, 2. PayPal, 3. Payment can be made via credit, debit and prepaid cards).

- A gift for your loved ones: Through Voyage Bay, you can purchase a coupon and present it to your loved ones. If you wish to do so, please check this option and fill in the fields “Friend’s name” and “Friend’s e-mail”.

• Once all the fields are filled out properly, click on “Buy Now!”.

• The page automatically refreshes. If the purchase is successful, it will be likewise mentioned.

• In addition, the bank accounts will be provided so that you can deposit the money.

• You will also receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your purchase. Once the money transfer is complete, you will be able to print the coupons from your account page.

For your own safety, you should bear in mind the following:

• If you have any questions regarding the package you wish to purchase, we suggest that you contact the business. Contact information is provided on each business’ personal page.

• Before purchasing a coupon, please read carefully the terms and conditions of the offer, as mentioned in the “What to know” category on the business’ personal page.

• By accessing or using, you agree to be bound by the terms of use as described in the “Terms and Conditions” section.