Faq Voyage Bay

1. What is Voyage Bay?

Voyage bay is an innovative global deal site about travelling, holidays and leisure activities. Apart from the usual room-reservation process, our site also provides you with the opportunity to choose among a wide list of vacation packages that include accommodation, entertainment, local cuisine, extreme leisure activities as well as unique happenings. The one thing we require from you is to review, compare and finally choose the package that meets your expectations.

Voyage bay is more than another click-and-buy site. First and foremost, we take your opinion highly into consideration. This is why we encourage you to post a comment in our blog, review and discuss the experience you have gained through travelling with other business and leisure travelers from all over the world. What is more, in case you cannot find the vacation package that meets your needs, you can simply communicate with hotel owners by filling out the form provided on our site. The hotel owner will be able to realize what you need exactly so that he can propose a new deal!

2. How can I create an account?

In order to create an account, please follow the steps described in the “How to Buy” category.

3. Are the prices of the packages per person or per night?

The prices shown on Voyage Bay are neither per person nor per night. The prices concern the whole package.

4. What does the package price include?

In order to see what the package price includes, just click on the package. You will immediately see the details of the package. You should always check the terms of the offer, by reading carefully the “What to Know” category.

5. How can I purchase a package?

The process of purchasing a package is described here in full detail.

6. Where can I find the contact information of a business (telephone, Skype address, e-mail)?

All contact information available is provided on each business’ personal page.

7. I don’t own a credit card. Can I still purchase a coupon?

Voyage Bay enables you to purchase a coupon even if you don’t have a credit card. You can pay your coupon fees either by bank transfer or PayPal.

8. Where can I see the information regarding my purchase and if it has been accepted from the business?

By clicking on the “My Account” field (top right corner of the main page of www.voyagebay.com), you will be able to see all the information regarding your personal account, as well as a thorough description of the purchases you have made so far. In the “Status” field, you can see whether the coupon you have purchased has been accepted, so that you can print it.

9. I have not yet received a confirmation e-mail for my purchase. What should I do?

In case you haven’t received a confirmation e-mail regarding your purchase, we advise you to contact the business. Contact information can be found on each business’ personal page.

10. Can I cancel my purchase? If yes, will I receive a full refund?

On each business’ personal page, in the “What to Know” category, you are able to see whether you can cancel the coupon you have purchased or not. You will also be able to see the period of time during which you can cancel your coupon, in case the coupon can be cancelled (14 or 21 days according to the cancellation policy). The terms “refundable” and “non refundable” will be mentioned, so that you know if you can receive a full refund or not.

11. I am interested in purchasing a certain package, but the available dates do not suit me. Is there anything I can do?

Voyage Bay enables you to ask the business for different dates other than the available. In order to do so, you should contact the business (by filling out the form provided on the business’ personal page) and ask for different dates.

12. I have a child. Can I get an extra bed/ crib in the hotel room?

Most hotels cater for extra bed/crib when it comes to children, without any additional fees. However, you should contact the business so that you can guarantee your request.

13. I forgot to print my coupon. What should I do?

Having printed your coupon/coupons prior to your scheduled arrival is taken for granted. The validation of the coupon can be completed with the demonstration of both your ID and the coupons.

Any attempt to validate a coupon in a way that does not comply with the Terms of Use, renders the coupon invalid. And, of course, it is upon the discretion of each business to accept it or not.

14. Do the partner hotels allow pets?

In order to see if a hotel can accommodate a pet, please read carefully the terms of the offer as displayed on the “What to know” category on the personal page of the business.

15. Is wheelchair access possible in the partner hotels?

In order to see if a hotel renders wheelchair access possible, please read carefully the terms of the offer as displayed on the “What to know” category on the personal page of the business.

16. How should I know that the business has accepted my purchase?

After you have logged in to personal account, by clicking on the “My Account” option, you will be able to see the status of the coupons you have purchased. The term “Pending” means that the business has not yet accepted your purchase. The term “Completed” means that the business has accepted your purchase (you have deposited the coupon fee) and the term “Cancelled” means that the purchase has been cancelled (either the business has turned it down or you have requested to be done so).

17. How can I find further information about the hotel?

On the personal webpage of each business, you are able to contact with the enterprise as well as the webpage.

18. Is payment for the package deals or full repayment required by the cooperative enterprises in advance?

For the package deals of the cooperative companies have special discounts with Voyagebay, full repayment is required. Otherwise, you will be able to find special details on the following category; 'What to know' of the personal webpage of the enterprises.

19. How can I leave my comment and evaluate the hotel or another enterprise?

By fulfilling your reservation on the cooperative enterprises of www.voyagebay.com, you shall leave your comments on the businesses. After your comments are checked, they will be upload unchanged on our website. Your comments cannot be affected by voyagebay.com.